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New!!The Optimal Health Program

  • 8 Weeks of the Low Carb Nutrition transformation by Dr Susan Swanston and High Performance People strategies by Health and Performance Coach Don McKay.

  • Starts on Monday 28th March 2022 - you can participate from anywhere you like.

  • Get your life back!! Be quick and get your tickets now!

  • Find out more and Get Tickets Here  

Explore - Experiment - Evolve

Why should you do the ‘High Performance People Program’?

  • You want to be as healthy as possible and have energy to enjoy life

  • You want to show up as the ‘best version of you’ for the important people in your life

  • You want to have to a solid plan to defend against the stressors of life and not just survive, but thrive.


What is the ‘High Performance People Program’:

  • It is a 3 phase program

  • Runs for 8 weeks

  • Focusses on 7 proven strategies to have a healthy brain

How is the program delivered:

  • Phase 1 Explore – 1-2.5 hr workshop where we explore the 7 strategies and develop Your High Performance Plan.  Delivered Face to Face or via video conferencing.  We can deliver this program anywhere!

  • Phase 2 Experiment – Start the 7 Habits for 7 Days Challenge and experience the fun and fulfilment of changing and evolving.

  • Phase 3 Evolve – Start the 7 Habits for 7 Weeks Challenge where you build your new habits into your daily routine.  Your life will never be the same!


What are the potential outcomes of this program:

  • Learn new ideas

  • Get more done

  • Improve performance 

  • Be more confident

  • Redesign your daily activities

  • Have more energy

  • Be happier : )

  • Manage stress better

  • Improve body composition

  • Get inspired to learn more about the subjects that we cover

  • Set a fantastic example for 'your people'

  • Improve relationship networks

  • Show up in life as the best version of you

  • Evolve in ways that you may not have even considered



1. How much time do I need to invest in the program?

  • The Workshop is the only face to face component (1-2.5 hours). After that, we communicate as you want on Social Media and Video Conference.  But remember, you will be fully supported for the 8 weeks of the program.

  • Once you have developed your High Performance Plan, it is up to you how you build in the activities.  

2. Who is going to help me?

    1. Your Doctor or Our Doctor (Must Do) – you need a starting point to see how much you achieve.

    2. Psychologist of your choice (Optional)

    3. Nutritionalist of your choice (Optional)

    4. Physical Trainer of your choice (Optional)

3. When can we start? Whenever You or the Team are ready.

4. Can I do this program by myself or do I need to be part of a group? 

  • You can do this program by yourself for sure, but if you do it as part of a group it can be more fun and you help to hold each other accountable.  Group Discounts apply - 20% for each person when 2 or more people join the program.

5.  How much does the program cost? 

  • We will fit the program fee to your budget. 

  • Contact Don today to find out more - 0488593684 or


Don McKay

My goal is to have a massive positive impact and create real change in You, your People, your Team, your Business.  I do this through engaging and interactive workshops that explore the proven steps to achieve;

1.  High Performance

2.  Optimal Health

3.  A Resilient Mindset


I am super passionate about helping people to develop a High Performance Plan that works.


2400+ People and counting!!

That's how many Workshop Attendees I have engaged with from March 2019 to October 2021.  


Take the step today to invest in your most valuable resource 


Contact me today for a tailored Workshop, Program or Keynote that is perfect for your needs: 

Mob:  0488593684


Facebook:  MyEvolution



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Workshop Reviews

This is what people say about the High Performance People Workshop.......


1.  Robyn, an Emergency Services Psychologist said this about the My Evolution High Performance People Workshop delivered to Emergency Services Personnel Peer Support Officers.

It was so great to have you back presenting again.  Let me begin by saying your enthusiasm adds to the validity of the information you are putting out there.  To have so much passion for what you are bringing to the group means no-one is left behind in a hazy fog of disinterest. 


The information is rich and useful.  It is the stories that make the information most easily retained. It is that skill that you bring so naturally to your work that is ultimately so beneficial for your audience.  You are so enthusiastic and so mesmerising in your presentations.  You cover such a wide range of topics.  I just want to say, I watch and listen to you and am fascinated by the information you present.  


2.  Paul from Central Queensland University in Cairns had this to say...


"Don’s dynamic and engaging style of presenting keeps people interacting with the content all whilst he provides opportunities for participants to develop potential solutions to organisational issues of all types. Personally and professionally I would have no hesitation in recommending Don’s service for your business.”



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Why choose Don for Professional and Performance Coaching?

Don McKay is a Consultant, Trainer, Author, Keynote Speaker, Health and Performance Coach, avid learner and student.  His combination of work and life experience in challenging and diverse areas brings a unique perspective to his passion; aggregating performance strategies to help people get the most out of their professional and personal life.

Don has worked in Law Enforcement for 34 years and has 26 years’ experience in middle and senior management roles.  Specifically, his experience revolves around leading and managing specialist multi-discipline teams undertaking complex high-risk operations.


He has a Master of Professional Studies (High Performance and Resilience Strategies) through the University of Southern Queensland and a Diploma of Public Safety (Policing).  Don is also a Certified Primal Health Coach through the Primal Health Coach Institute.


Don has 28 years of training experience and is an engaging presenter and experienced facilitator.  He has designed and delivered specialist training packages in Critical Incident Decision Making for Paramedics, Paramedic Students, Nursing Students and Non-government Organizations (NGO) employees for Central Queensland University (CQU) Cairns Campus. He has also designed and delivered interactive professional development workshops for staff and students across a broad range of organizations with participants ranging from Students to Senior Managers and Executive Staff.


In 2017, Don started 'My Evolution Coaching and Consulting' to provide a platform to reach and support more people, businesses, and organizations to continue the important conversation around high performance and resilience. Since March 2019, he has delivered My Evolution High Performance People Workshops to over 1600 people across a broad range of industries in Queensland.

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